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Here you will find information regarding all aspects of Breastfeeding.

Feeding cups – the Charnwood BRAS have for sale (for £1.50 each) small cups that are specifically designed to feed small babies. These are extremely useful if you don’t want to use a bottle and avoid nipple confusion. For more information about feeding cups please speak to a member of the Charnwood BRAS or your midwife / health visitor.
To buy a feeding cup simply pop along to a breastfeeding cafe or order one by ringing us on: 07583041054


Vitamin D – There has recently been in the news some advice and debate about breastfeeding and vitamin D. We strongly advise that you speak to your health visitor or health care professional to get more information.


Follow the links below to find the information you are looking for

Below are three pdf files that we have on expressing breast milk, first few weeks and mastitis. If you are unable to view these pdf files we can arrange to send a copy of them to you.

Expressing breast milk

First few weeks



We have started to compile a list of Breastfeeding Friendly Cafes and Restuarants around Loughborough and Charnwood.

Returning to work or study workshop information
Please see the events page to see when the next workshop is running.

Have a look at this page: Benefits of Breastfeeding to see just some of the benefits there are of breastfeeding.

Feeding baby in public is an excellent article (written by on of our own BRAS) with hints and tips on feeding your baby out in public.

For some helpful tips see Top 10 Tips

For twins, triplets or more see 10 Tips for Breastfeeding Multiples

For some more information about tongue tie: Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners


This page will be updated regulary.

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