Breastfeeding Friendly Cafes and Resturants

Breastfeeding Friendly Cafes and Resturants


The Charnwood BRAS thought it would be useful to compile a list of cafes, restaurants’ et cetra where breastfeeding was welcomed. Please note that not all establishments have been visited yet and the list below is not complete. We will update it as we visit more and more places.

A business cannot discriminate against mothers who are breastfeeding a child of any age. The Equality Act 2010 has specifically clarified that it is unlawful for a business to discriminate against a woman because she is breastfeeding a child.

A group of Charnwood BRAS Peer Supporters have visited some of the cafes around Loughborough, Barrow, Anstey and surrounding areas talking to café owners about breastfeeding. They asked whether breastfeeding was welcome in their café and whether they would like to have a “Welcome to Breastfeed Here” sticker to display. Those cafes that said they do welcome breastfeeding and received the sticker are detailed below.

Any café that were unsure received information about breastfeeding and the Equality Act 2010. Some cafes did not want to display the sticker.


THE CAFÉ, Biggin Street

Mini Monsters, The Rushes

Costa Café, Market Place

Cinos, Carillion

Casa Café, Church gate

Wests, Market Street

Baobab, Market Street

Saints and Sinners, Market Street

Around Charnwood:

Pennys Cafe, Mountsorrel

Peppercorns, Bradgate Road, Anstey

Peppercorns, High Street, Barrow-upon-Soar

Nook Corner Coffee Shop, The Nook, Anstey

The Post Office Tea Rooms, Bradgate Road, Newtown Linford

The Crown Inn, Bradgate Road, Anstey

Cooky’s Cafe, Stonehill Avenue, Birstall

Further afield:

John Lewis parent room, Highcross, Leicester

Ikea, (nursing area in corner of resturant) Nottingham

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