Charnwood BRAS – Welcome

Charnwood BRAS – Welcome

***Please note, due to the weather, some centres may be closed (this is out of our control). Suggest you ring the centre to check that it is open before braving the snow!
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Welcome to the Home of Charnwood BRAS – Breastfeeding Reassurance and Support.

We are a voluntary group working alongside local Midwives and Health Visitors to offer reassurance, support, information and help to anyone in the Charnwood area who plans to breastfeed, or is breastfeeding.

The BRAS Peer Supporters are all mums who have breastfed their own children – so we know exactly what it is like to be a breastfeeding mum!

We have taken part in the La Leche League Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor Programme.  We can discuss any concerns or problems with breastfeeding you may have, and provide information for every stage of breastfeeding.

We want to help you breastfeed for as long as you want to!

3 thoughts on “Charnwood BRAS – Welcome

  1. Fantastic event Friday – really enjoyed meeting all the new Bras, as well as the ‘old bras’ too. Think the resources you have produced are really inspiring, and the skills you have between you all will give new mums in Charnwood the chance to access real informed choice as well as the information and support they need to succeed in breastfeeding as long as they wish. Congratulations!

  2. Hi
    I’ve used Charnwood Bras in all sorts of ways. I first heard about them at the babylove fair at Loughborough Town Hall in 2011. I attended their breastfeeding talk. Then I attended their expectant parents workshop in Birstall towards the latter stages of my pregnancy. In the early days of motherhood, they gave me telephone support and once I was able to get out, I attended breastfeeding cafes in Loughborough and Mountsorrel. I’m not sure what my breastfeeding experience would have been like without the education I’ve received from Charnwood Bras. It has been tough at times, this breastfeeding lark, but mostly it’s changed my life profoundly. I’m very proud to say I’ve just completed 6 months exclusive breastfeeding and my next goal is to feed to at least a year. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my wonderful husband (who attended the baby fair talk and the expectant parent workshop with me) and the support of Charnwood Bras. I tell all my pregnant friends now about your workshop and the cafes because I really believe that knowing exactly how breastfeeding works can really help you in those early days. And the summing up words of both the talk and workshop have stayed with me and were definitely my mantra in those early days – “if in doubt, whip em out!”. Breastfeeding rocks and so do Charnwood Bras!

  3. Hello,
    my wife and I attended your class in June and found it both very useful and very enjoyable. There is more to getting breastfeeding ‘right’ than we had perhaps expected and the class gave us lots of practical tips and avenues of support – with just the right amount of science and cake thrown in for good measure! It was important for us to discover that breastfeeding is not always easy – particularly at first – but with perseverance and support you can get there. This has really helped us to not get too despondent or frustrated during our first few weeks of parenthood!.
    Cheers, Glenn and Lucy.

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